Mystical, Powerful and healing.New Moon in Scorpio, 30th October

This New Moon in Scorpio is Mystical, Powerful and healing.

Of all the New Moons,the Scorpio New Moon possesses the strongest potential for deep regeneration and renewal of mind, body and soul. Deeply transformational and empowering, we can connect within and access our inner power and strength.

It’s time to reclaim our power.

Mercury in Scorpio conjunct the new moon, gives us the key to the hidden door to our subconscious mind. We can fuse together mind and heart, gaining deep insights into our subconscious patterns of behaviour, that have been blocking our true potenial for happiness and development.

New Moon`s are a time for new beginnings and for setting new intentions.Pluto, the ruler of the New Moon, is in positive aspect to the Moon in Scorpio and can help us to evolve to a higher level through the Scorpio evolutionary stages.